Fall Favorites: Fall Fashion

Happy Wednesday!  I am linking up with Emily and Sarah for Fall Favorites: Fall Fashion! 
Clothes + Fall = Pure Joy! Camo, leopard, and stripes are staples in my closet year round but what I have really been gravitating towards lately is olive and rust. I found some cute things so let’s jump in to see what I am wearing for fall! Easy to wear dresses:  I have bought 3 of these dresses from Apple Blvd and I can easily throw on a cardigan when I go out in this cooler weather.  This boutique has great prices and free shipping!!!  I used to shop exclusively from Old Navy but now I am buying everything from Apple Blvd.  It’s just so easy to shop with their app, card on file,  free shipping and packages arrive quickly.  

This black dress didn't photograph that great but it was comfy.  I don't know if I like the placement of the pockets and might end up cutting them.  I got the dress for $12 so even if I wear it a few times that is okay.    

I bought this dress at the beginning of the sum…

Friday Favorites: 9/18/2020

Hello Friends!!  I have a random assortment for Friday Favorites with Andrea and Erika.ONE:  Since the temps seem to be dropping and are no longer in triple digits, B thought it would be great to camp with C last Saturday in the backyard.  D and I (the wiser ones) decided to stay in the house.  Well, it was great and all but it was still HOT. My little campers only lasted an hour and 22 minutes.  HA!!! I know this will not be the last time. I just love that B tries to create these memories for the boys.  Before they went out, C made a little trail mix for his camping adventure.  It was simple just pretzels, chocolate chips, and marshmallows but he loved helping measure things and putting them in his baggie.  TWO: Okay, the next 2 faves are food items but we are just loving them so I thought you might too.  First up, chocolate Lucky Charms!  We had gotten the original for C and he seemed to like it. I happened to be on the Target app looking for the Lucky Charm marshmallows (still looki…

Fall Favorites: Decor

Happy Wednesday!  I am linking up with Emily and Sarah for Fall Favorites!  Y’all, today we are sharing our fall decor. My favorite type of post EVER!
Before we begin, I have to say my current season of life with littles is messy, crazy, loud, busy, filled with tantrums, and toys everywhere. Instead of fighting it, I am learning to embrace it and keeping things simple and kid friendly even with my decor.  Just wanted to share what was on my heart. Okay, now on to the home decor...welcome to my house! Porch:
I always decorate our front door first. The garland and wreath are 10+ years old but they still look good when I pull them out. I am not sure what I want to do with these lanterns. Any thoughts?  
Let’s move to the inside, come on in! 
Entry nook:
Powder room:
We did a little quarantine makeover to this powder room and I am so happy with the results.  I decorated the shelves with things I already owned and I am so glad that the letter board found a forever home (it's been everywhere …

Friday Favorites: 9/11/2020

It's Fri-YAY! I am joining in the fun for Friday Favorites with Andrea and Erika!  ONE. First favorite has to be the cooler temps in TX, hallelujah!!! 
I may have stepped out a few times throughout the day so I could feel the chill in the air.  It really felt like fall!!! TWO. I was able to find a few minutes and polish my nails this week.  I desperately needed it and a little self-care for mama is always good.  I picked some of my favorite colors for fall and will probably be wearing these through November. Is that too long? HA!!  I usually pick up my Essie polish from TJ Maxx because it helps me save a few bucks.  These are both from a  few years ago but great colors to transition to fall. 
mani- shearling darling /  / pedi- under the twilight THREE.  Spending quality time with C! We did a little bit of "school" using worksheets that he gets to pick out and he was introduced to Candy Land.  He got it as a Christmas present from a sweet neighbor but I saved it for when he w…

Fall Scents

Hello friends! I am so excited to join the fall link up with Emily and Sarah.  

Today it is all about fall scents! My favorite place to grab anything related to seasonal scents or really anytime is Bath and Body Works. I do not light candles anymore because...small children but that just means wall plug ins and hand soaps are a MUST. 
My all-time favorite scents for fall are sweet cinnamon pumpkin and marshmallow fireside. They get me every single time. I prefer these scents for plug ins so I can enjoy the smell throughout the house. I have already plugged mine and it really brings so much joy to have these fall smells in the house, mmmmmm!!! 

As for hand soaps, I am not as picky and will just grab the ones that I think will smell the best, have the longest scent, or the packaging. When I went to the store last week I grabbed these.     

And look at all of these cute fall sayings, the "don't stop be-leafing" is just genius!  The “love ya a latte”with a Starbucks gift card…

Friday Favorites: 9/4/2020

It is the first Friday in September and it feels SO good! We are going to visit family this weekend and while we are there we are planning to go to Sea World.   I am thrilled for this little getaway!  Today I am linking up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites. 

ONE. We went and visited the goats that live down the road from us. Sometimes we take them food but not this time and one of them was really wanting a treat. It is kinda neat to have a little piece of country life so close to us. C loves to visit them and it was D's first time so it was a fun adventure. 

TWO. Spreading joy through rock painting!  In our city, there is a movement of painting rocks and leaving them around town for others to find.  Some people will tag the rocks so they can keep track of them on Facebook.  We are just beginners and got this kit to help us because it had everything we would need and it was cheap.  We are keeping it simple for now and just painting and hiding rocks in our neighborhood but it…

Fall Bucket List

Ahhhhhhh, hello September 1st!
 I want to embrace these upcoming months especially since I am home with the boys and can really create special times for them. Something I started doing after having kids is making bucket lists. It really helps us get out, create traditions, and make memories. It is also nice having a list of ideas ready to go when we get bored. I looked on Pinterest and also tried to think outside the box since I am not sure what will be impacted this year. Will we be able to trick or treat?!?! Who knows, but at least I have a fun list of ideas and can always add or change as needed. Our activities are geared towards September and October. I love to write our list on these and hang it inside our pantry door. 
Here is our 2020 fall bucket list: 

drink apple cider *  Friday donuts  * chili night and movie * bake something with apple  * bake pumpkin chocolate chip bread *decorate for fall  * carve/decorate pumpkins * find a new park to explore * watch fall shows  * …