2021: To- Do List

Happy Monday!  This is my first time joining this great group of bloggers for their link up.  

I am not a resolutions girl but I do have some things that I want to accomplish/work on this year.  I love a to-do list so I hope this helps me cross off items throughout the year. It feels so satisfying when something gets done, right? 

Here is my to-do list for 2021!  It is a mix of personal, self-care, and a little home. 


Kitchen cabinets 


Master bedroom

Master closet

Kid’s closet

Toy closet

I have learned that things need to have a place or else it will end up everywhere.  I am working on finding bins, baskets, and other organizational items that will help us stay organized. This will take time but I am eager to get started. 


Not waste time on FB 

Clean up when I can

Read a book 

I really need to work on this!  I have been going to bed earlier and not getting lost on FB until 1 AM.  I need to work on this during the day because I tend to grab my phone a lot. 


Send a text

Send a note 

Porch drop offs 

Since the pandemic, I feel like we have really, really lost touch with friends and even family.  Just keeping to ourselves because we want to stay safe but I think we can still reach out to our people in some way. 


Buy Midnight Mom Devotional 

I read Jesus Calling which I love but I think I need   something geared to mom life.  It is just a different season and I need that encouragement. 


Increase vitamins (D & B12)

Add collagen 

Better skin care regimen

Drink more water 

Try to be active everyday

Lose the baby and COVID weight

I have a BIG birthday this year and I really need to start taking better care of myself.  The extra vitamins and finding a better skin regimen will be easy.  It’s the losing weight that will be a little harder 😬


Try to blog more consistently 

Join more link ups 

Learn a little more about the ins and outs of blogging

I started blogging for fun and something just for me. It has been fun so far but there is a still more to learn.


New rug

New light fixture

Possibly paint shelves or get new ones 

Add shiplap🤞🏼

Our laundry room has been the same since the day we moved in. It’s probably a room most people don’t care about but a little change would be nice. I have something in mind but just need to execute it.  We redid our powder room over the summer on a very small budget which drastically changed the look. I hope to do the same with our laundry room.  Just give it a little oomph ;) 

I'll probably start with the easier and fun ones like the laundry room makeover but at least something will get crossed off the list. Taking it one day at a time and improving myself, my family, and my home. 

What are you working on for 2021? Let's cheer each other on!



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